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Projections | Lights Gone

From the EP "Dream Time"

With Marc-Olivier Ikambi

Written & Directed by Emilio Gamal Boutros
Produced by Delphine Leoni

Director of Photography: Julien Saez

Costume Designer: Laurence Grimonprez

Co-producers: Murielle Monclair & Dorian Girard

Production: Lotta Films

Label: Maiò Music

Funded by the CNC & the SCCP

First AD: Camille Carlier

Production Administrator: Paul-Philippe Casanova

Gaffer: Alexandra Fischer

Assistant Camera: Charles Dalodier

Colourist: Anne-Sophie Queneuille

Editing: Emilio Gamal Boutros

Camera: Panavision

Lighting: Panalux

Extras: Hannah Amar, Dounia Behna, Gabriel Boutros,
Jonathan Griveau

Special Thanks: Richard Merra, Cinéma Jean Vigo, Jean-Serge Pennetier, Nicolas Bonilauri, Julien Pennetier, Mairie de Gennevilliers, Agence Cartel, Claire Ghezali, 1000 Visages

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