British Shorts Film Festival 2017

Shorts on Tap London

Sydney World Film Festival 2017

Crystal Palace Film Festival 2016

Broadway International Film Festival 2016

European Short Film Festival in Berlin 2016

Short Pole London Film Festival 2016

Showcased on Film Shortage.

One night, a hot-headed, lonely teenager calls a sex hotline from a London phone box, desperately looking for a sexual experience.

With Jonny Weldon & Amelia Gardham

Directed by Emilio Gamal Boutros

Produced by Zoheb Rahman

Director Of Photography: Sirus F Gahan

Colourist: Vic Parker @ Raised by Wolves

Edited by Dom Mayer

Sound by Michael Chubb

Original Music by Gabriel Boutros

Music Producer: Arthur Philippot

Costume Designer: Thalia Jane Loonstein 

Made with the support of Nice Shirt Films

Short Film